How Long Does Computer Repair Take?

Find out how long it takes for computer repair. Learn about the average turnaround time and what to do if you don't have a spare computer.

How Long Does Computer Repair Take?

When it comes to computer repair, the average turnaround time is usually 24 hours. However, depending on the parts needed, the delivery time can range from three to five days. In most cases, the repair process takes 1 to 7 business days (not including weekends). It may take longer if data needs to be recovered.

We always make sure to factor in any potential delays or errors that may occur. Due to the fact that there are often multiple jobs being done at once, we cannot guarantee urgent repair orders.

Computer repair

is available for both BC-owned and personally owned computers. If you don't have a spare computer to use while the main one is being maintained, you can ask us to rent a computer for use in the meantime.