How Long Have You Been Providing Computer Repair Services?

Data Doctors offers a 1-year warranty on new parts and computers we sell. Learn more about how long we've been providing computer repair services.

How Long Have You Been Providing Computer Repair Services?

When looking for a computer repair company, one of the first things you should ask is what types of repairs they perform. At Data Doctors, we offer a 1-year warranty on the new parts and computers we sell. If you think there are problems after a repair, visit us as soon as possible for a free diagnosis. We will quickly diagnose and replace any faulty parts used during the original repair.

Please note that this warranty does not cover damage you cause (such as broken screens) or water damage to the device after the initial repair. Reconditioned parts typically have a 90-day warranty. I have been working with computers since I took my first one home in 1983. After learning about computer repair, services, and operations in the Air Force, I began to maintain computers as an IT technician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and on Ebay. In 2003, I started repairing family-owned AFFORDABLE computers, with the goal of establishing a business based on integrity, affordability, Christian family values, and superior customer service. Before starting your own computer repair business from home, it's important to do some research into the local computer repair market. Get answers to some basic questions, such as which are people's most and least favorite services to request and why.

Take a quick look and see what computer repair brands are already working in your area, what services they offer, and at what prices. Business owners need to find a reliable computer repair service as soon as possible when their machines start having problems. To get your first customer, post some ads for your repair company and follow basic social media marketing tips for repair services. You should also consider offering a satisfaction guarantee to help you stand out from other computer repair companies. Repair companies may specialize in either personal or business computers. To make sure you're running your business efficiently from day one, consider using computer repair shop software.

Additionally, it's best not to pre-stock up on repair parts and order them when you need them for customer repairs. I highly recommend Northampton Computer Repair for whatever PC service you're looking for, plus great prices on ink and toner replacement. After leaving the Air Force in 1992 and after trying several odd jobs, I continued to work with computers and eventually decided to start my own business repairing computers and providing services to homeowners.